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Noticed that the music player had become a problem, so I downloaded a new Cincopa player and uploaded the music files to it. I'm rethinking about letting this site shut down when the renewal comes up next year as it is just one of the rare websites to still be up since 1997. Its not very expensive to maintain as a hobby site in reality. Its just the time that I need to check on it now and then as life becomes busier as well as changes. But looking back on it is like looking back on my life and its progression. And listening to the music makes me feel right at home.

Cleaned up a few more links that no longer exist. Also fixed the links to the photos after I noticed they still were linked back to the old web server. I see many changes of websites and ones that go away after some time. I fear that this website may go away once the website renewal comes up in May of 2019. I have already deleted the Facebook page as I did not have enough time to delve into the things I used to. Life is always changing and even some good things must as well. After 21 years of this website being in existence, I will likely delete it. But I will have it backed up on a separate harddrive in case things change. Its been an amazing run and life to see this hobby go on. But this year I will be married and staying very busy within that life. My mind will be made up for sure by the time May of 2019 comes.

Finally changed servers from Brinkster to GoDaddy to host my website. Now that its complete, I can allow the website to continue its saga as it comes near its 20 year anniversary on an affordable budget. Not sure what the future holds for this site. I'd like to get back into photography again, so we will see. Until then, I hope you continue to enjoy the imagery and music.

Just a little html cleanup and link check. Amazing this website is going on 20 years of being online, esp for being just a hobby site. Some days I fear on how long I can keep this site going. So busy and many things going on. Stop by and say hello on Facebook. Search Gravedweller Net

Well, well, well. Another year, another update. One hell of a mess it was too. Had to clean out the spam that rendered some of my links and photos totally gone. Well, and yet another year coming up since the birth of this site. A stark reminder is the money due for keeping it up. Always fun. BUT, I have still been working on getting website related things done, such as getting a link up for cemetery t-shirts going again. I have also been playing with other products such as mug prints, and messing around with a calendar. Hope people still check on here now and then. Certainly isnt easy to keep it going as I have for the past 18 years and counting. Well, until next time...

I know, I know, its been a long time. Life has been busy for sure. Just happened to visit the site for the music and check out the guestbook only to find out I needed to delete some spam. This site is going on 17 years old! Hard to believe but I still have plans for this site. Just purchased a printer to be able to print off photos from this site and transfer them to tshirts. Its going to take some work to try to re-upload the original photos into a higher definition quality, but if you are interested in purchasing shirts, e-mail me at I do not have prices quite yet, as I am just starting the venture into this again. The future also holds a mug printer I want to buy to make the photography on this site available to print onto a coffee mug. As I always say though, I want to attempt to get some new photography on here as its been TOO LONG! Until next time....*bows and fades into darkness*

Had some issues with the website not showing up on Firefox but showed up on Internet Explorer. Fixed this by deleting some obsolete code that was in the first 3 pages leading to the main site. Also fixed the music selection as 1 of the songs did not load (somehow I must have deleted it.) I also added a song from Swallow The Sun and will have one from Mournful Congregation up when I gain access to it. All is well with the world again; at least until 12.21.12. *grin* I also have a couple of new sets of cemetery photos that I will have up soon from the downtown Detroit area, one of which is very beautiful. My new job is allowing me to have more time off so I can get back to what I love.

Updated some links that were no longer working or online. Also connected the website to Facebook, so now you can "Like" it as well as announce on your Wall that you had just visited my site. Changed around a few link colors as well. I'm still looking for someone to help me create a flash movie intro to the site. May have to look around on the net to pay someone to do this I guess. The site is now 14 years old from the year I started it. How far it has come! I am also going back to printing t-shirts with various photos on them from my website here. If you are interested in buying one or more of these, e-mail me. I have yet to set pricing on these, so it may be a couple of months yet before I start printing. Also below is how well the site has been doing over the years. I hope to keep the trend going higher and higher.

Added Mortis City banner and link on the hearse photos page. Also deleted a couple of dead links on the page. Still working on adding videos as it has taken a backseat while I get my working life in order. After 13 years, it amazes me how this site has grown. I hope to see it continue for years to come!

3 new photo series added to the now huge collection of cemetery photos. Riverside, Midland, and Mt. Evergreen are cemeteries in which I photographed a long time ago. I was just now able to finally get caught up and add them to the library. I need to get out this fall and do some more. Hope you enjoy these for the time being.

In the near future, I plan on adding videos of my old band for download. These will include shows at various venues as well as basement parties. They also cover from the eras when the band was named Obsidian, as well as Imagicide. I will also be posting on-the-road videos driving back and forth to Texas. This is simply to show the bad driving habits of people in both domestic and commercial traffic. I think I will also look into possibly a calendar of events which will cover mostly the hearse events and shows.

Just added the banner for the Great Lakes FrightFest which is going on this year (2009) May 29th, 30th, and 31st. Found this event through the Dead Society website at

I am pleased to add a new artist to my playlist! I found this artist on a friend's myspace page last summer and have enjoyed his work. The artist is known as Third Realm and although its a bit different in feel than the other two songs, I believe it sets a powerful beat with a dreary heavy sound. I wish him luck in his future endeavors. If you wish to check out his other music you can simply go to Third Realm on Myspace.

Well, I have added a new banner link to a company called Boo Crew Productions, which is the company I am using to make my shaking/screaming horror prop that will go into the casket in the hearse. I simply can't wait to get it as it should be quite the showstopper. Anxious to see what it will look and sound like.

I managed to find out how to code the player to use a playlist so I could add a couple of songs to play one after another. So if you have any suggestions for what songs could work for the site, let me know, and I could add it to the website.

I just uploaded a new song to the website. Its My Dying Bride's "A Doomed Lover" from the Songs of Darkness Words of Light album. Giving the site a new change of band for awhile. This song is very dismal as well, hence the song's title. Going to be working on trying to do a playlist next, so we'll see. Drop me an email sometime and let me know what you think of the recent changes. I would like some more comments and input.

Added an album of the hearse photos as the Flickr site didn't seem to work out well. Things look a lot better now and I will continue to add more photos as the progression of the hearse comes along.

Well, vacation is over and its a drag to go back to work, but there is a lot that I have to do including trying to buy a house so my work blitz is on again. But I did manage to squeeze in some time to put up new photos of a long time friend of mine under the name Restless Oblivion under the Minions of the Reaper page. I have been waiting a long time to get her photographed and it finally happened. We shot the photos in 2 different cemeteries in Detroit, Windmere and Woodlawn. They came out very good and I was satisfied esp since it had been a long time since I had added a new minion. I hope that you enjoy the new photos.

Yes, its been awhile since I have made an update. All that was done was some tweaking and spelling corrections that I noticed along the way. I also added a circa to the site to show its age. Hard to believe that it has now been 11 years since I started up this website that used to be one single page. It has come a long way, but still has a way to go before I am satisfied, which may never happen. Going to be working on more photos of different cemeteries in the spring as well as some new hopefuls to the Minions page.

Well, yet another long lapse of time from making updates has gone by, but fear not, for I have updated it slightly again. I have added the song "A Warm Place" of Nine Inch Nails' Downward Spiral album. It needs to be edited to cut off the beginning and end, but all in due time. As it is fall as well, I will be taking new photos and hope to get them on here soon after. Things have been busy so that is my excuse for lagging behind. If its not good enough for you, then fuck you. I'm going to forcefeed you some Barney music.

On the brink of New Years, I have updated much of the website. 2 new cemeteries have been added, Mt. Olivet and Woodlawn, both in Detroit, Michigan. I have also added a photo in each of the cemetery photo series pages. And as you have noticed, an actual song from Pantheist has been embedded into the website. It has replaced the old evil.mid file that was on this website for many years. I will include a new song upload from time to time from various bands to reflect the mood of the website. Hope you enjoy.

Its been quite awhile since I have made any updates. But I finally had some time now that I have been working locally. Newsworthy business has brought about new emotional writings on Dark Ambience. Just a quick flow of thoughts that I decided to write out.

Added 4 new cemetery albums: Louisville Crematory, Cave Hill, Scottsville, and Arlington National Cemetery. Cave Hill is popular amongst a few historical figures such as Col. Harland Sanders, creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Also James D. Porter, the tallest man in the world in his time standing at 7 foot 8 inches tall. Other than that, just a few minor fixes and checks before going back over the road in trucking.

Updated the Frustrations page with some interesting material. Also made a new Type O cover GIF for the Type O Negative page. It has flashes of lighting on the World Coming Down cover.

I revamped the whole music page with new information. It was a long time coming as it was old and needed new band info. I also updated the banner page with a lot of new banners that all have the new website name. Also added was a new album full of black and white Detroit photos that I photographed recently.

Added Unchaste to the Minions of the Reaper. Welcome and may your stay find its eternity. Going to have all photos copyrighted eventually. Just started making it visible on the latest Minion "Unchaste."

FINALLY! Yes, all the photos have been uploaded into the JAlbums. You no longer have to click links to see the photos except the link to see the JAlbum. No more clicking, back-clicking, and more clicking. Just scroll to the photo you want to see in the large area. Its been a long and tedious time to get these done. Now all I need to do is work on getting a flash intro up and running. Any ideas or takers? >:)

Welcome to the newest minions RiverUnforsaken and Haujimm. They are the latest additions to the Minions of the Reaper page. The first look at the albums appearance can be seen there.

Finally! is now online. I finally paid to make this website larger and more accessible. For those of you with a bad memory like me, you can now rest easy as the new domain name makes it easy to remember the website address for promotional and word of mouth purposes. I also did some major updating to the website. Bulk of the updating was deleting a couple of pages no longer necessary to the site, deleting some hidden files, and spell and word checking as I found some errors I made in wording. I also have added a new email to the contact link. You can e-mail any suggestions or submissions to undertaker@grave I am also adding a program onto the website to make it much easier to view the photos on the website. This makes it easier to determine what photos you have seen and what are new by making thumbnails of all photos. When you click one of the photos, it shows a larger view just below the thumbnails. Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think of the site as it has come along over the years. I also posted a link to the hearse photos in the photo link area. I hope you enjoy the new upgrades.

Yep, another big gap in updates on the site, but as of late, I have been busy in my driving career. Making damn good money at that. I will soon have up new photos of the 1972 Caddy hearse I am purchasing and will have in possession early next spring. For now, I have added photos from a cemetery in Del Rio, TX. These I took using actual B&W film. They haven't been cropped yet as I rushed to get these online. So bear with them. Also, I added a City of Detroit page. I made the page long ago but had forgotten about it. I only have a few pics of it for now, so take a look.

Ok, yes it has been ages since I have updated the website. But little do you all know that I snuck in a few photos from my new cemetery dwelling exploits to the website. They are uploaded, just not added to the seen list yet. That will change as I get more time to do it now that I have a laptop with internet from the cell phone now accessed. Anyway, that is all for now. More to come later.

New photos from Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island. 27 photos in all and in black and white. Enjoy.

Updated my Frustrations page for a good laugh. As you surf the net more often, stupid and annoying people become more apparent. For some reason this becomes intentional. Life drama is also included as well as those foreigners who message you privately and think you are a female when you have a profile.

Updated links and fixed minor bugs. These include links that were no longer functioning from no longer existing or being broken. Some of the bugs currently being worked on are the annoying banners above the pages. Google is working with many web servers in order to gain more advertising. I have found some ways to rid myself of them, but its a slow pain-taking process to deal with every page in the same manner.

Added Renaissance Festival photos. Taken in Holly, Michigan from the Michigan Renaissance Festival in late fall. The event attracts thousands of people over a month and a half.

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