1972 Cadillac Hearse

Exclusive member of the Mortis City Hearse Club.

I bought this hearse back in 2005 where it sat in South Carolina at an antique car dealer for $3000. It was in rough condition but workable. I was able to gather a couple of friends to join me on a roadtrip to go pick the car up. $750 later from gas, lodging and food, I drove the car up to Michigan to my uncle's house to be stored away for a year before taking it to a mechanic in Plymouth, MI to have a lot of work done to it. To this day, I have put in almost $11,000 in repairs, modifications, and replacements which includes the suspension, front end, commercial drive axle, transmission work, and the top half of the engine being rebuilt. Plans in the future are already being made for a modified casket with a pop-out horror that screams, and a cooler made out of the bottom half of the casket. Also a new paint job that will have some real creativity is in the thought process, and a whole sound system built to have power. All in all it will eventually be a top notch show car.

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