Alas, a major part of my life which keeps me rejuvenated. I tend to remember as far back to when I would hear Aerosmiths "Dream On" constantly on the local radio. I guess from that point of age 5 or 6, music registered itself into my life. I started out in the middle school band playing a trumpet. But a year later I started playing the baritone as I was able to play it with more ease. I played that instrument throughout high school until the end of my senior year. After high school, I basically listened to music for a couple of years until I ended up being soundman for a friends cover band.

Not long after being involved in that band did I start picking up the keyboard. I picked up a rather cheesy standard Yamaha U80 or something like that. That is when I joined my first band in which we called ourselves Obsidian. The band name changed after a couple of years when we found there were about 2 or 3 other bands with the same name. One of those bands was registered so we then came out with Imagicide. The name is basically a conjunction of the words Imagination and Suicide. The band was somewhat successful after a few years of playing out and coming up with all of our own songs. That project unfortunately came to a halt for me after we had so many problems between members and people coming and going all too often. It was going nowhere so I left in late 2002.

My will and promise to myself is to eventually return to the stage with a new project. I want to start up a horror-based doom metal band where image is a large part of the band as the music is. I feel strongly about what I want to do with it. And I have some high expectations for what is to be done and how it will be done.

But I have not always lived in the Doom metal days. I have listened in my younger days to the likes of 80s hair metal, 80s retro, 90s like Warren G, Color Me Badd, 2 Live Crew, classical music, new age, heavy metal like Machine Head, Pantera, Megadeth, White Zombie, Alice In Chains and so on. I started getting into the doomier side of music when I started listening to Type O Negative back in 95 with their album Bloody Kisses. Ever since then, I started going to a goth/industrial club in Detroit called City Club. There I expanded my library of music to industrial and ebm music. My friend Marc helped me find more bands in which to find and listen to. The industrial compilations he made amazed me in how many different bands I really enjoyed listening to.

Below are some band websites to the music I listen to:


Shape Of Despair

Here is a darkwave music site:Braindance

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