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Children of a Dark Requiem

We are dark. We are the children of the night. Possessed to do things others would not, or anyone else might not want to think of. Some of us are cemetery dwellers. Some of us candlelight romantics. And some of us the morbid, deeply sorrowed, self-pitied, blackened souls. All in all, we are those who have a passion or love for the darker things in this menace which we call "life". The artistic values of the children of the night are often unsurpassed. We see and view life in a much different way. That which may be considered ugly, aweful, or strange to the normal society, is but a tool that we use to defy the odds of reality. Some consider our reality a fantasy. But who is to say that maybe THEIR reality is a fantasy? Either way, it is in one's personal belief, what the reality is.

Vampires, monsters, madness, horror, and imagination; all a part of this dark society. The children of a lesser god. These souls are not only dark, but they are also wanderous. The rush of exploration, and the eternity of imagination. We are forever. We are the children of a dark requiem.

We were all born from the dark. Therefore we shall perish in it.

Rest in Eternity,


I started this website back in 1997 as a few pages of photos and writings; a focal point in which to direct my energy and interests. Over the years the photography shot up in quantity and the site started to take a character of its own. Now there are over 700 photos, many banners links to other sites, a set list of music, and a future that is basically etched in stone. I have enjoyed this site from day one, and I hope you will as well. If you have any comments, please leave a guestbook signature. Also keep stopping in as I frequently do updates and add new photos and technology. I am hoping to find someone who can do a flash intro to the website as it would add so much to what I want and need for the site. Be well, but know that the Reaper is always watching...and waiting.

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