Things in general that piss me off


Some new things that have annoyed me recently:

1. People who are fake. That means those who work people up for expectations but don't intend to follow through on their word. 2. People, while driving mind you, that float around a speed limit. These people include old people who shouldn't have a license anymore, and morons who just can't drive in general. Pull over when you see a big truck on your ass. Otherwise you could end up underneath it. Moreover, just cut your license up and take public transportation. Save us the agony of having to deal with you.

3. Women who can't get off their high horse. Allow me to send your horse to Alpo Dog Foods, and with you on it at that. There is a time for ego, and then there's a time for an oral ass whippin.

Frustrations as of 3.1.04
People who ask you, without looking at your profile first, what your age/sex/location is. The information is on my profile retard! Read it and then get ignored!
People who pass chain letters that are totally convinced that Yahoo is going to close down their account or start charging people money to use the service. PEOPLE, Yahoo is making too much money from the advertisers. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SHUT YOU DOWN OR CHARGE YOU.

Foreigners who private message you and can't even understand what you talk about when you reply. i.e.:
Ali babah: hiiiiiiiiii asl plz
Me: Fuck off. You don't even have a profile.
Ali babah: ?
Me: You god damn uneducated moron.
Ali babah: asl?

People who are all about the drama.

Ok here is the latest stuff as of 5.5.02

Message board users. They are about as pathetic as online gamers. They rant and rave about who is wrong and who is right, who has talent, and who doesn't. is one of these such boards. There are some good people on there. But its mostly inhabited by annonymous fucks who think they are something special because they put an opinion and hide back behind the tree again. If you are going to lay out an opinion, make it worthwhile and respectable by stating a name that you will go by. Otherwise, your opinion is worth as much as shit on a shoe. One last thing, GET A REAL LIFE.


People I game with online in Quake who are punkasses and know it. Camping in a game and calling people whiners just because they BITCH about them camping in the first place, in my book, need to check their ass to the Smackdown Hotel.

People who use bots. What the fuck??? Can't play? Fucking BURN your damn CD moron! You weren't made to play a game. You were made to BE gamed.

People who chat online in these rooms who have their circle of friends to cover for their fugliness. "I showed my pic to everyone in public and they laughed! Now I show a fantasy character and show them fake pics of myself on the internet! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! *stuffs a grenade in the mouth* God STFU and learn something they call C O N F I D E N C E!! And don't take it out on the innocent just because you are fat, ugly, too skinny, hairy, no hair, stupid, moronic, bony assed, or what the fuck ever. Get a life. That is where is starts dumbass!

People who drive on the highway and get into accidents. All I do when I see those situations is scream out the window, "Nice job asshole! Now that you are out of the way, I can drive easier!!"

Here's one for you. Ever hear those women who say they want to leave their gf/bf/pet/car/habits, but CAN'T because they "LOVE" them. Well what the fuck are you asking me advice then for?!?! You just made your own decision! Don't bug me!!

Here's another that I think most can agree with me on:


Ever wonder why God put people on this Earth? You REALLY want to know why? SO HE COULD LAUGH AT US. If you look at what we are doing and what we have accomplished, we have made ourselves into fucking jokes. I mean, come the fuck on people, we have stepped into the new millenium and all we have now is vehicles that open hatches and doors by themselves? ARE WE THAT LAZY?!?! *SMACK!!!* Wake up! We should be into fusion cell generator motors, and flight within a vehicle, or even seat belts with brains! Fuck, if I wanted doors or hatches to open that bad, I'll attach strings to the damn things!

Want a good one? BACKDOOR BOYS+N'SUCK=NEW CHUMPS ON THE BLOCK = bad drama for when they get girlfriends. Can you imagine? "Haha!! Hey guys, I FUCKED your girlfriend because I am a star and I am like that! " One of his fellow musicians, "Oh thats ok bro, I fucked yours too!" Both laugh together hug, makeout, have sex, you know how it goes.

I have one for all you people who either CAN'T spell or choose not to so you abbreviate the fucking dictionary. It's about time you either got Hooked on Phonics, or you went back to school. I can't stand these people who talk to me with messages that come through like, "hi, r u n2 metllca???" or foreign guys who ask questions that are outright dumb, "hi, how word call afk?" I don't have any biases against foreign people at all. Its the ones that have no clue about where or why they are in the room that I am in. I am talking about being in a goth room or the michigan room. Like, why the fuck are you in here?? You don't even live here! You live out in whatever country you said you live in! Don't bother me!! Get a thesaurus or a translator or go to fucking and have them translate it for you!! Don't ask me anything, ANYMORE.

1. OK, first is something that just happened before I made this page. I left my jpeg images disc in the computer lab overnight and came back to get it, being that I forgot it. I know, my fault for forgetting it. But some dumbass took the disc out and left the fucker on top of the computer and wiped out my jpegs. Now what assholes do not read the warnings on the importance of keeping discs from electromagnetic objects... like computers? Those people should not even be using computers! Maybe they should get a fisher-price to start with their puny minds. Know a computer before using them properly people! And learn the warnings when using a computer! Give the computer society a break and figure out what is right from wrong! Damn! (I feel less irritable now that I got that one out)

2. Here is another thing that completely pisses me off. I'll give you 3 letters...M...A...C. This piece of child equipment has long to develop a good system that can go through the internet without crashing...or freezing up for that matter. My community college is bad enough to purchase these cheap brand computers. I am just glad that they purchased a few Dell 233s. At least they don't throw a fit on you when you make it go into a chat room. The only thing I have found use in a MAC is as a drink stand while I use another type of PC. At least if liquid gets on it, it can't be worse off than it already is. Now lets refresh our memories (unlike MACs), and reflect on those companies who have been able to keep up in the electronic market today. IBM is one I highly recommend. And that goes for Dell, IBM, and Hewlitt-Packard brands of IBMs. I have gotten great reviews on these particulars. One type that I would like to try out would be the newer company of Gateway. They are still working out their bugs on their computers, but they sell very well and that is probably why computer technicians work on them mainly and say that they have the most problems. But naturally, a newer company does have its bugs and glitches, but they are minors problems. For final note, I think Apple Macintosh should be bought out and made into rolling toy for infants. At least they could manage that kind of scrolling (I hope they would) rather than in chat rooms.

And here are some frustrations from someone who e-mailed me by the name of THE GENERAL:

1) Leonardo DiCappucino..cap your ass...Caprio is the same age as I am. He has millions of women who want to have sex with him. Me? I go through a roll of paper towel a week. (Incidentally, that's a joke. )

20 People who feel they need to tell other people they just said a joke, and the people who don't realize it was a joke.

3) People who whine all the time.

4) People who whine all the time, and have a web page to do it on.

5) People with an unhealthy facination with death.

6) People who see conspiracies everywhere they look.

7) The fact that the government knows we know about aliens, and that they know we know they killed JFK to cover up his drug dealings with the Cuban Mafia Russian Communist Martians who are running kiddie porn shops in New Mexico while telling Hollywood what movies to make in an attempt to subjugate the human race via mind control (i.e. if no one has a mind, they are easier to control). And still the government denies it all.

8) The fact that the Spice Girls wear clothes.

9) The fact that the Spice Girls made my list.

10) Titanic. C'mon, the ship sinks. Do we need 3 hours of a ship sinking? Sure, the chic gets naked, but is it worth seeing her breasts for 3 hours of crap? And lets not even talk about what will happen to James Cameron if Titanic passes Star Wars for highest grossing domestic ticket sales. Lets just say it involves a couple of big guns, a toilet, and a rabid monkey. Need I say more?

Okay...true story. This one is about fast food restaurants... particularly BK (I hope you all know who this is). One day I went to BK and asked for a double whopper with tomato. I got my order and took off (I should have known that there would be a probelm since I have had MANY before)and low and behold, they fucked up the order. They actually gave me someone elses order...which was cut in half and had tomatoes on it. The next day I went to the same place and ordered the same thing. THIS time I asked the drive thru worker to tell them to not mess up my order this time...and told them what happened the night before. So I drove to the next window and picked up my order. I drove forward slightly to check my order before I left. AND GUESS WHAT?? Yep, I checked my burger and they forgot the cheese I ordered! What a bunch of misfits! Are they worthy of the money they make? At least when I worked in a fast food restaurant, I made sure I got it right! Damn. So I backed up and gave them the burger and told them to put the cheese on it. Luckily I wasn't in a bad mood or I would have blown up at them.
Ok, day 3 in a row at BK. I ordered two Whopper juniors with cheese, no tomato...and guess what??AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! They FUCKED me again! Again, they forgot to put the cheese on my juniors. How much more of this from them can I take? I will tell you this...I will attempt to find BK online and mail them my complaints. There is no excuse for fucking up my order 3 times IN A ROW! Sure I have had my problems with other fast food restaurants, but NOT LIKE THIS! And another thing...having to wait 15 minutes at any of the stores is VERY ANNOYING. Is it worth buying the food there when it is bad for you? And then to wait as long as it takes to get your food...only to get it cold by then?? I do not think so!

Just something in general about all those who feel that when they are driving down a 3 lane highway, that they feel that they have to use the fastest lane for them to go 60 mph in a 70 mph speed limit: YOU SUCK! GET THE HELL OFF THE DAMN ROAD IF YOU CANNOT PROPERLY DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE. Thank you and have a nice day :)
The simple fact that even with a 56kb comp it still takes 20 minutes to get in a chat room or load up a web page

MTV. This is only a service for slugs who like rap and terrible pop, and when they play any style of rock, they play Kid Rock. WHEN IS THIS SKINNY FUCKER GONNA TAKE A BATH AND GO AWAY? Just because his last name is Rock, doesn't mean he rocks. -The Evil One

I abhor people that are in decent relationships and then whine "I don't know what I want"..... yes you do. But guess what! Brad married Jennifer and he isn't going to come knocking on your door and even though Pamela married Tommy, she is not coming by because she must have your no job having, no car either, broke ass. Get with it people, we are all NOT destined to be with the beautiful ones and soul counts for a hell of a lot more than boobs, besides if we were all beautiful by magazine standards, we would be boring!! and by the way, on the same topic.... they don't answer back, you want to talk to me in a bar, try looking eight inches higher at my face...... Jen