Tired Eyes
The bloodied whims of my tainted life
An era dirtied by emotion and sacrifice
A neverending story told through tired eyes.

Its these visions of unholy matrimony
Not seeing myself in life's onslaught
Between the emotions of one or another.

Through every waking moment I would think
What more to life than the idea of silence?
Moreover, the peace of everlasting life.

The tyranny of the soul continues it saga
Of a bleeding heart and soiled soul.
What carries us through, many answers may know.

Excuse me, might you have a light
To see through this endless smog of smight?
I understand, no concern of yours.

When it is finally over and you stand over me
Will you remember who I was or what I became?
Its a neverending story told through tired eyes.

A tribute to "Taz"

September 2, 1969 - January 14, 2003
Ode to Death
by Taz

I am the embodiment of Death
I am nothing ,during life, and everything, at the end
No one ever remembers me until it's too late
Why won't anyone seek me out?

I am nothing to fear, seek me now
For someday everyone will be mine
Why not love me now?
If not, you will surely fear me later

I am nothing more than a fleeting thought in someone's mind
Or a passing visage in the corner of the eye
I am only existing, I have nothing to offer, that can not be obtained other ways
Although, the other ways will lead you to me as well
I have nothing to give that can not be replaced, in time
Seek me, for once you are with me I will care for you
I will be with you until it is your time to return
I am death

Dark Dream

Come forth ye sorrow
Enlighten my soul
Take away my heart
And let my dark grow

Feed upon my pain
Let no one through
Love lost again
De' ja vu

My soul turns black
And my body grows old
Take away my life
And let me go cold

How are you able
To see into this dream
You try to help me
But all I do is scream

On my grave
You shall post
"Forever I am lost"
I am now a ghost

Forget my dreams
Forget my past
Remember me always
I am home at last.

Power of Darkness
Power of Night
Come forthwith
And vanquish the light

Eternity profound
And the heavens unfound
Release me from life
Darkness all around

In that which we call
For that we shall fall
The reason of being
We know not at all

For I shall lie down
And set aside my crown
Extract what I know
In life, I shall surely drown.

At last I rest
And no one to jest
Bring forth my peace
At the expense of this test

We live
We grow
We wither
We die

But to me
I begin to see
A confound darkness
I tend to agree

To thirst, to hunger
To live, and then die
To love, and to hate
I no longer have to cry.

Longer and longer
I sleep in my slumber
Guided by The Hand
I no longer have to ponder

Eternally I rest
Forever I sleep
My spirit gliding along
Infernally into the deep

The cries of mankind
No longer ring
For in this life
I can forever sing

Leave me be
Or walk with me
Glad you came
You had to see

To see the world
To see the maternal
Oh lovely lady
I am an Eternal.

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